Accommodations at Riverstone Retreat Centre

We will be arranging for on-site accommodation for workshop participants. We cannot guarantee a choice in accommodation preferences but we will do our best. Due to limitations of space, we regretfully will not be able to house other members of the participant's family. Please notify us if this is a problem.

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The Martin House

- Ontario's first EcoNest house!
- two bedrooms with queen size beds plus other pullout coaches/futons
- full kitchen, full bath, vanity bath, living room

Stone House
- private house with full ammenities tucked away in a forested clearing
- includes full kitchen, dining room, hot tub, lounge (with three double futon couch/beds), multiple washrooms/showers
- 5 bedrooms in total all with private sinks in rooms
- one wheelchair accessible bedroom with a queen-size bed and a double bed
- one large bedroom with one queen-size bed, double futon, cot and extra mattresses
- three other bedrooms with queen-size bed, cot and extra mattresses (in each)

Caboose Cabin (seasonal)
- sleep in a retired CN caboose!
- one queen-sized futon bed, three child-sized bunks, kitchenette and a gas fire place

Riverside Camping (seasonal)
- camp right beside the Saugeen River
- separate showers and washroom facilities
- fire pits at the sites

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