Bau-Biologie 2009

Participants in the Martin House.
"Thanks very much for the excellent 4 days including practical tips, in depth explanations, clear descriptions and examples in pictorial form both projected on the screen and in books.  An overall very fine effort indeed."
 - C. W.
"The group of participants was amazing. The wealth of knowledge present expanded the learning available beyond anything anticipated."
- R. C.

Steven & Paula

Soaking up the sun while working on group activities.
"Best workshop that I've attended; intimate and informative and much appreciated and so important! Having the workshop at a place where people can/will stay over-night really boosts the connections and community of participants. People share with each other so much more than the workshop info and it allows for expansion of those ideas."
- R. B.

"So grateful for satisfying my thirst of integrating health with building... like taking a long drink after being in the desert for too long!"
- I.C.

Ladies of the sun-bump.