IBE 117 -- Introduction to Building Biology

Instructor: Paula Baker-Laporte & Stephen Collette

Dates: April 12th to 13th, 2010.

Fees: $350* CDN
Deadline for registration: MONDAY MARCH 22. Additional fees will apply after this date.

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Bau-biologie, a term coined in Germany, is a word used to describe a movement promoting the use of healthy building principles as a means to improve living and work spaces and the health of people who occupy them. Bau-biologie literally means, "building biology." Both terms are now used interchangeably and both have exactly the same definition -"how buildings impact life and the living environment."

The course we are offering can go towards your full certification as a Building Biology Practitioner.

IBE 117 -- Introduction to Building Biology

The role of our buildings is to shelter us from climatic extremes without sacrificing the life-nurturing balance that nature has perfected over eons. Building biology is both the science and philosophy that holds nature as the gold standard against which healthy human-built indoor environments must be measured.

We can sense when an environment feels good to us. Building biology studies the science that is behind the experience of well being. The natural environment is a delicate balance of chemical, electrical and biological energies that has sustained life through the millennia. Humans, along with all mammals, thrive in natural environments with temperature variation, humidity range and complexity of colors and shapes. Understanding the forces that create and maintain both a stimulating and healthy environment and recreating these conditions within indoor environments to nurture us is the work of building biology.

In designing buildings from this perspective, we are also honoring a deep relationship to planetary ecology. As building biology teaches: “there is a direct correlation between biological compatibility and ecological performance.”

This introductory course for builders and designers will cover the following topics:
• The 25 principles of Building Biology
• 7 green building myths
• Building science-understanding the physics/applying the biological principles
• Building biology and the design of buildings
• Building biology and the selection of building systems, materials and finishes


By completing the IBE 117 Introduction to Building Biology, you can earn 16 hours towards the Building Biology Practitioner certificate. For more info, please visit: IBE Building Biology Practitioner Program. Becoming a Building Biology Practitioner is the first step of expanding your message - this provides you with the knowledge to reach out to others using the Building Biology philosophy of building biologically and ecologically supportive dwellings, and is a requirement for all of those who desire to eventually become Building Biology Environmental Consultants.

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Riverstone Retreat Centre

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