Masonry Heaters: Hand & Kit Built

Instructors: Alex Chernov
& Jon Sheaff

Dates: May 10th to 15th, 2010.

Fees: $525* CDN
Deadline for registration: MONDAY APRIL 19. Additional fees will apply after this date.

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*fees include lunch for participants on workshop days and camping accommodations.

Masonry heaters are the most efficient way to burn wood for heat using traditional & natural materials. The burn is so efficient when done properly that hardly any smoke is produced! These stoves are designed to burn hot and fast (typically two, 45 minute burn cycles per 24 hr period). These short burns charge the thermal mass surrounding the heater which then gives off even radiant heat all day. Due to this high temperature burn, the range of fuel is also greatly expanded to softwoods, twigs, and even manure. This workshop will teach the participant the design parameters and hands on skills to fabricate a custom firebox and heater core. While it takes years to master this craft, you will come away from this workshop with the necessary skills to build your own, particularly if you are already a skilled mason.

In the second-half of the workshop, Jon Sheaff from Crossfire Fireplaces will join us to demonstarte a kit-built version of the masonry heater. A kit built system has all of the same advantages of a custom built in terms of efficiency and ease of use. Its advantage is in its design which faciliates easy installation and affordability. This will be a great workshop for the multitalented builder or DIY person with basic skills.

Links of interest:

Alex Chernov's website

Crossfire Fireplaces:

Masonry Heater Association of North America

Flesherton, Ontario

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