Rocket Stoves: The Evolution of Fire

Instructors: Ernie & Erica Wisner

Dates: May 3rd to 7th, 2010.

Fees: $525* CDN
Deadline for registration: MONDAY MAY 12. Additional fees will apply after this date.

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*fees include lunch for participants on workshop days and camping accommodations.

This course expands on last year’s two-day rocketstove workshop which was a resounding success. In this course, which will last for five days, participants will learn much of the art of firemaking, and in the process will fundamentally shift their relationship to this gift from the gods. Through a number of hands-on sessions, you will learn the evolution of our specie's relationship with fire. You will go back to the stone age, and learn how to create fire with the friction of the bow drill. We will also create an African “jug stove” (dug out of the side of a hill) as well as other “dug” ovens. Participants will learn how the geometries of different fireplaces and stoves affect the performance and qualities of the fire. And of course, build a rocket stove!

Fundamentally, this course will teach you the physics of fire, so that you can adapt your skills to any circumstance. From Rumford fireplaces to Franklin stoves, mass heaters to rocket stoves, this course should be a requirement for Canadian citizenship… cause you know… it’s cold here!

”Rocket Stove” describes a range of highly efficient wood burning stoves. These stoves were first developed by fire experts working mostly in third-world countries, where cooks and fire-minders were concerned about the scarcity of wood fuel and the health issues related to cooking smoke inside the home. With the rising cost of fuel, and global concerns about climate and air quality, Rocket Stoves have something to offer industrialized nations as well.

The book, Rocket Mass Heaters: Superefficient Woodstoves YOU Can Build, by Ianto Evans and Leslie Jackson, will be available for purchase.

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Flesherton, Ontario

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- Leather Gloves
- Safety Googles (UL or CSA approved)
- Respirator (If you have one. Will be used when burning off paint in recycled metal barrels.)

The site where we will build this rocket has FREE camping featuring an outdoor kitchen, outhouse and solar shower.

Please bring your own camping gear and cooking implements.

Other accommodations are available here:
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We also request that participants sign a Waiver prior to the commencement of the workshop.

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