Straw/Clay Infill

Instructor: Joshua Thornton

Dates: June 21st to 25th, 2010

Fees: $525* CDN

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*fees include lunch on all workshop days and camping accommodations.

Deadline for registration: MONDAY MAY 31. Additional fees will apply after this date.

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In this session the participants will have the opportunity to learn the production techniques for creating healthy natural straw/clay walls. This is a hands-on experience constructing these wonderful walls with locally sourced materials using the production techniques of the professionals.

You will learn about the different types of clay/loam and aggregate combinations which can be used in insulating exterior walls. Woodchip clay, Hemp clay, and straw/clay will all be discussed prior to the students being introduced to the production oriented tools and equipment we will use. We will also teach you the framing techniques required to create walls which will be accepted by your local building inspector. Furthermore, you gain the valuable insight as to how to time your sub trades in these projects allowing you to avoid costly mistakes!

Flesherton, Ontario

Download PDF Map (1Mb)

1. Tape measure, square (speed, combination, and/or framing), pencils, utility knife.
2. Work gloves (rubberized cotton is ideal for the strawclay work), comfortable working clothes, shoes or boots. All will get muddy!
3. Tool belt and hammer.
4. Lunch tools: cutlery, water bottle, dish, bowl, cup.
5. Sun protection (sunblock, bandana, hat) and clothing for all types of weather.
6. Safety gear: ear plugs or muffs and safety glasses.
7. Optional: Your own power tools such as: cordless drill/impact driver, circular saw, clamps, levels, etc.
8 . Optional: A sample of dry clay soil and/or straw, from your own property or home area. This is helpful in evaluating the suitability of your materials.

The site where we will build this frame has FREE camping featuring an outdoor kitchen, outhouse and solar shower.

Please bring your own camping gear and cooking implements.

Other accommodations are available here:
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We also request that participants sign a Waiver prior to the commencement of the workshop.

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