Plumb-Line Scribe

Instructors: Joshua Thornton

Dates: June 14th to 18th, 2010

Fees: $525* CDN
Deadline for registration: MONDAY MAY 24. Additional fees will apply after this date.

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*fees include lunch for particpants during workshop days and camping accommodations.

Perhaps as a gut response to the rise of CNC machining in the timber framing industry, plumb line scribe techniques have gathered a steadily increasing body of practitioners in North America these last several years. Allowing the timber framer to use material otherwise unfit for square rule timber frame construction, plumb line scribe techniques open the door to truly utilizing low processed local timber to it’s maximum potential! Incorporating natural curves, cambers, twists, bows and other irregularities often to the framers advantage is one of the key benefits.

The plumb line scribe is at once incredibly simple and phenomenally advanced. Conceptually based in geometrical relationships, the first step is to layout a section of the building – full scale - on the layout floor. All of the critical information which relates to the building geometry is then directly lofted off of the floor using plumb bobs or spirit levels. Simultaneously, the information which relates to the idiosyncrasies of each individual timber are referenced to the plumb line and transcribed onto their mating piece.

These techniques form the basis for resolving incredibly complex building geometries without ever using trigonometry (or even requiring to know the roof pitch!).

While this workshop is suited to the seasoned timber framer, looking to add new skills to their repertoire, beginning timber framers, unclouded by years of other habits, take to the technique rather remarkably… provided they come with a sharp chisel!!

Flesherton, Ontario

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The site where we will build this frame has FREE camping featuring an outdoor kitchen, outhouse and solar shower.

Please bring your own camping gear and cooking implements.

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