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2010 Workshops
These are some of the exciting workshops we hope to offer for 2010. If any of these workshops are of interest to you, please notify us and we will make sure you are notified first!

You do not have to have ANY previous building experience to participate in our workshops! We encourage anyone and everyone to come - we strive towards an open and accessible work-live place that is free of any form of discrimination and bigotry.

Design Track

Natural Building
Workshops about natural building; what one should know, learn and to plan for.

Bau-Biologie: IBE 117 - Introduction to Building Biology

April 12-13

Building Science for Natural Builders
April 14

Building Code for Natural Builders
April 15

EcoNest "Turning Your Dreams to Reality"
April 17

Life-Cycle Analysis
April 19

Natural Building Track

Timber Frame
Come and join us in learning this traditional craft.

Timber Frame – Square Rule Layout
June 7-11

Timber Frame – Plumb-line Scribe

June 14-18

In-fill Systems
Straw and clay and all points in between!

Straw/Clay Infill

June 21-25

Natural Building Elements
Workshops targeting specialized knowledge and skills.

Rocket Stove: The Evolution of Fire
May 3-7, 2010

Masonry Heaters: Hand & Kit Built

May 10-14, 2010

Earthen Plasters
May 17-21

Dry-laid Stone Foundations
May 26-28

Durisol Foundations
June 5

Other Workshops:

Women & Carpentry

February 27-28; March 13-14
w/ Ali Lam in Toronto